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A New Chapter in My Life

A New Chapter in My Life

On March 15th I gave my 2 -week notice and on March 29th I said goodbye to my coworkers and my 6-year career as a software engineer. I decided to pursue my dreams and dedicate all my time to acting.

This was a terrifying decision. Some of you might ask, why can't you code on a side? I tried, and it became my full-time job. It's very enticing and appealing to tend to focus on things that come easy, that are stable and where you are successful. This is our natural self-preservation instinct. The world of entertainment, on the other hand, is unpredictable and brutal.

This is not the first time I made a drastic career change. The first time I switched careers was when I was working in finance. After four years of trying to find joy in the industry, I left it to pursue tech.

That switch was stressful and challenging, but I was switching one stable career for another. Right now I am diving into the world of chaos with no direct path.

So, why did I do it?

13 years ago I took my first acting class at George Mason University, and it changed me. No matter how many different things I tried in the past 13 years, no matter what careers I pursued, the desire to act stayed constant. I have been studying acting for the past 13 years in college, in a theater conservatory, in private workshops in New York, in studio classes in Los Angeles. I have been perfecting the craft for the majority part of my adult life. And in the meantime, I have been acquiring all the experiences the life could offer.

Acting is storytelling. I cannot even begin to describe what it feels like to play a character. You become a detective while researching the character's background. You need to know yourself better than your shrink does. You play with your inner child and try on different lives without consequences. Acting is fascinating, and it's a drug that I am addicted to.

You probably wonder about how I plan to pay my bills. After all, pursuing dreams is not free. There are a few ways I plan to support myself. I saved up some money to pay my bills, I have art income that comes through the sales on my Etsy shop and the royalties I get from the classes I teach on Skillshare. And most importantly I plan to make a living by acting; so, this is where the money has to come from, and I have no other choice but to make it work. Otherwise acting will become a very expensive hobby for the rest of my life and I do not want that.

Will I code again? Absolutely! I love writing code and building things. Coding to me is like writing an adventure novel, where you have to solve puzzles in order to get to the prize.

General Sherman Tree

General Sherman Tree

After my last day at work, my boyfriend and I traveled to Sequoia National Park for a long weekend to celebrate this new chapter in my life and my birthday. There was no better way to celebrate this. It was great to leave Los Angeles for a few days and come back to a fresh start. I am still getting used to a new schedule in my day where I don't have multiple conference calls.

So what's next?

I wrote a book on how to switch careers, and it's time to share it with the world. I need to lock the manuscript with my editors and find publishers.

I need to finish writing the screenplay and a One Woman Show I started working on last year.

And finally, just keep on hustling. I might make more short films, if you haven't seen the ones I made, you can find them here .

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Birthday Road Trip to Sequoia National Park

Birthday Road Trip to Sequoia National Park

Weekend Getaway to Vail, Colorado

Weekend Getaway to Vail, Colorado