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The double agent

Irene is a double agent. Being born into a Russian family she was raised in the US  and has strong Russian roots. She was recruited by the CIA during her freshman year in college. After graduating she moved to Russia to be recruited by the Russian secret services. It is not always clear which side she is on. 

3rd grade Teacher

Anna is a 3rd grade teacher in Portland.  She is an avid book reader and prefers fantasy genre. Kids love her. She had her heart broken a few times because she always tries to see the best in people, even though not all of them deserve that. 



Special agent - FBI

Katrina is a seasoned special agent for the FBI. She has been through a lot and suffered a personal loss. Katrina is reserved, meticulous and doesn't let emotions dictate her actions. She is currently investigating a crime scene in New York involving drug trafficking from Eastern Europe. 




Sasha is a self-taught software engineer. She built her first computer when she was eleven and got into trouble during her rebellious teenage years when she hacked into her school system. She worked with a few tech-startups after school but decided to skip the college all together. Sasha is a brilliant hacker who is not afraid to cross legal boundaries.