Gulnara Mirzakarimova

Dare to be Yourself.

- Andre Gide


Hi there, I’m Gulnara Mirzakarimova. I’m an actress working and living in Hollywood.

I am an actress, writer, filmmaker and a self taught software engineer. I know it sounds like a lot, but I create my own opportunities. I am currently working on a one person show and a series about three young women pursuing their dreams and ambitions in the tech industry of San Francisco. In the last two years, I wrote, directed and acted in two short films that received festival recognition. You can find them on "My Movies" page.

When I am not working I love to hike in the woods, snowboard in the mountains and film my adventures. I post about them on my Instagram and on the "News" page. Currently I am training for Level II of Krav Maga.

Stay in touch ;)

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Demo Reel